Legal Guidelines and Site Rules

Primary Statement

All information in this Database is believed to be original, but if you find any issues, please alert the master admin or any admin of this site. Please do not edit this site if you are not an admin. The master admin is not responsible for any inappropriate content that is posted by any user of this site. If you find an inappropriate piece of content, please contact the master admin, so they can remove it. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to; sexism, homophobia, politics, trolling, flame wars, “raiding”, toxicity in any way or form, and personal attacks. Please use this site respectably and responsibly. Do not plagiarize from any of the pages on this database in any way or form. Follow the terms of service at all times.

Terms of Service, And How It Relates To The Federation Database:

As users and contributors to this hosting website, we are committed to fully adhering to Wikidot's Terms of Service. These terms outline the rules, responsibilities, and guidelines that govern our use of the hosting services. By engaging with this website, we acknowledge and agree to comply with all stipulations within the Terms of Service. This includes but is not limited to respecting content policies, intellectual property rights, and community guidelines. We recognize that adherence to these terms is essential for maintaining a secure, fair, and positive online environment. Any concerns or disputes regarding our use of the hosting services will be addressed through the procedures outlined in the Terms of Service, and we appreciate the platform's commitment to providing a transparent framework that ensures a mutually respectful and accountable user experience.



1. Be Respectful:

Treat others with courtesy and respect. Do not engage in personal attacks, insults, or harassment. Avoid offensive language, hate speech, or discriminatory remarks based on race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.

2. No Spam or Self-Promotion:

Do not spam irrelevant content, advertisements, or self-promotion. Refrain from posting affiliate links, referral codes, or any content intended solely for personal gain. This includes the introduction of modern politics into forum pages. “Modern” politics is considered to be anything less than 30 years old. (I.E, posting about the Roman Empire is ok, but posting about the next election is not.)

3. Stay On Topic:

Keep discussions relevant to the forum's purpose. Create new threads for new topics. Avoid derailing discussions with unrelated content.

4. Respect Privacy:

Do not share personal information about yourself or others without explicit consent. Avoid discussing private matters or confidential information.

5. No Illegal Content:

Do not share or promote any illegal content, including but not limited to pirated software, copyrighted material, or any activities that violate the law.

6. Mindful Posting:

Check for grammar and spelling before posting to maintain the overall quality of discussions. Avoid excessive use of capital letters, emojis, or unnecessary formatting.

7. Moderation and Decisions:

Follow the instructions of moderators. Their decisions are final. If you have concerns about moderation, address them through private messages to moderators rather than publicly disputing their decisions. If you believe a moderator to be intentionally harassing you, report this to wikidot's admin team immediately.

8. Multiple Accounts:

Do not create multiple accounts for the purpose of deception or evasion of rules. If you have an alt account for normal purposes, you are allowed to use it within reason. This is subject to moderator discretion.

9. Reporting Issues:

Report any inappropriate content or behavior to moderators using the provided reporting system, found Here. If you believe this system to be flawed or overridden, please direct your concerns to Wikidot's moderation team. Provide clear and detailed information when reporting.

All rules are subject to Master Admin's discretion.


The Federation Database has written multiple disclaimers for a verity of modern topics that may impact how our site functions and interacts with the wider internet.

A.I. Generated Art

Recently, there has been a huge influx in the creation of A.I. art, which uses publicly available images to train A.I. models to produce images. This is a highly controversial subject, with many sides to consider. The Federation Database's current stance is that A.I. art is useful in some circumstances, but if a real artist is available, then that is preferable. As of now, there are several A.I. generated or assisted images within the database. If you find/create a better image, please contact the Master Admin Here, with the subject line reading “replacement art for [page name]”. The Federation Database is always willing to adapt to the current standards, and if you believe that art is being used here without an artist's prior approval, please contact us.

Modern Politics

We, as a website, have made a conscious decision to maintain a focus on our core content and purpose, and, as such, have chosen not to actively engage in discussions surrounding modern politics. Our goal is to provide a space that encourages a diverse range of perspectives and interests without becoming a platform for divisive political discourse. This decision is not a reflection of any particular stance or bias, but rather a commitment to fostering a community that prioritizes the core themes and topics that define our platform. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore the various non-political aspects of our content. If you want to discuss modern politics, please consider posting on another website.

Sexual Content

Being a website on the internet, there will almost certainly come a point where sexual content is created and/or posted on or about this website and its contents. The Federation Database has decided to maintain a content policy that excludes any form of sexual content. This decision is rooted in our commitment to creating an environment that is accessible and comfortable for a broad audience. Our goal is to provide a space that is free from explicit or adult material, ensuring a positive and inclusive experience for all users, regardless of age or personal preferences. This decision is not intended to convey judgment or bias, but rather to define the type of content that aligns with the values and guidelines we've established for our platform. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain a respectful and welcoming online community.

You can create sexual content about the Federation Database, as we have no control over what you create. However, posting it in any way or form on the Federation Database's forum or affiliate websites1 is subject to a harsh penalty, and can include warnings or bans, depending on the type and severity of the content posted.

Sexual content on our website refers to material that includes explicit depictions, descriptions, or discussions of sexual activities, nudity, or adult themes. This encompasses, but is not limited to, explicit images, videos, or written content intended to stimulate or arouse. Our definition of sexual content also extends to discussions or representations of adult-oriented products, services, or activities. We are committed to maintaining a content environment that is accessible and comfortable for a broad audience, and therefore, we strictly adhere to guidelines that exclude explicit or adult material. This definition serves as a guide for our users and content contributors to ensure that our platform remains in compliance with our content policies and the values we uphold.

If you find sexual content, inform an administrator immediately.


To mitigate the risk of legal harm from plagiarism, our website employs a stringent and comprehensive approach to content creation and management. We prioritize originality and adhere strictly to copyright laws and intellectual property rights. All content published on our platform is either created in-house by our team of writers, sourced from reputable and authorized contributors, or used with proper attribution under fair use policies. We maintain a robust plagiarism detection system to ensure that any unintentional similarities are promptly addressed before publication. Additionally, our content creation guidelines explicitly communicate the prohibition of plagiarism to all contributors and emphasize the importance of respecting others' intellectual property. By fostering a culture of integrity and accountability, we are committed to safeguarding our website against legal implications related to plagiarism, upholding ethical standards and promoting a trustworthy online environment for our users and contributors.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License