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Below are the main pages of the database.

It is recommended that users new to the Federation start with this page:

Introduction To The Universe Of the Federation

History of the Federation Universe
Technology Of the Federation Universe
The Universe

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All Pages

Federation Database Roadmap

This lays out the plan for the federation database. There is a total of 10 stages, each having at least 3 substages.

Stage 1: The Basics

Substage 1A: Setup

Description: Get the basics of the website up and running. Modify the standard template of wikidot to suit the Federation needs.
Page Ideas:

  • Home
  • About
  • Layout
  • Membership
  • Members
  • Legal


  • Discord

Stage Status: Complete

Substage 1B: Rudiments of the Federation universe

Description: Create the basics of the Federation Universe
Page Ideas:

Subsection 1C: Technology
Description: Describe the various tech that the federation universe relies on day to day.
Page Ideas:
Sublight Drives
Spacecraft tech (Life Support, artificial gravity, other)
Weapons Technology (An enormous page with around 20-30 planned subpages)

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